The Immaculate Heart Sisters of Africa are based in Musoma, Mara. Since 1955, the sisters have been teaching from Kindergarten to Form Six. During th
is process, their organization has managed Kowak Girls Secondary School to be one of the highest performing schools in Tanzania. Each year, the government selects approximately 90% of Kowak’s Form Four graduates to continue with Form Five studies. After they finish Form Six, most of them proceed to universities or other higher education institutions.

This faith-based community has 150 dynamic members, out of which some work in these regions with the following population according to the 2002 census: (all in millions) Mara; 1.4; Mwanza: 3.0; and Shinyanga; 2.9; Morogoro; 1.8; and Dar es Salaam; 3.3.

The IHSA community is committed to continue being the strategic regional hub to improve the quality of life in Tanzania through the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) program. Specifically, this program will address poverty and lack of education around Lake Victoria. These two factors are the main case of women trafficking which remains a top priority for our efforts.

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